The Leadership Workout

A 31-day practical guide to review & refine your leadership

Much like physical fitness, leadership capabilities need to be continuously worked on if you want to develop new skills and maintain existing ones.

The Leadership Workout therefore provides you with a 31-day framework to purposefully direct and regularly review your leadership through daily reflection and practice, helping you to refine and further develop your leadership. One facet at a time, one day at a time.

What people say

Helps keep leadership skills fresh and actionable.

"Love this book. I have just started a new role and wanted to refresh my approach to leadership. This is a very well though through and practical guide to help hone my skills. It gives actionable advice and will be a guid i will use to go back to regularly. Like anything you have to keep learning and practicing to stay on track."
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An inspiring guide that really works

Finally! Leadership tools and advice delivered in a format that produces real, lasting change! It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the leadership books/perspectives out there, but the bite-size, daily exercises offered in the Leadership Workout provide a way to focus your leadership development in a single area, day by day.
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Weekly ritual in team meetings

My team and I love this guide! Each week a member of my team picks a chapter to cover in our weekly meeting. Sometimes we are able to work a chapter during our meeting, and depending on the topic, we take away the leadership practice as homework to discuss in our next meeting. It’s not only developing our leadership skills and recognizing what great leadership looks like, but it’s also making us a stronger team. I highly recommend this guide!
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